You can leave your allergies in the dust.

You can leave your allergies in the dust.

Lasting relief from allergies begins with the right testing techniques to determine the substances that are triggering your patients? symptoms. For the more than 50 million Americans suffering from allergies, elements such as dust mites, molds, pollen or pet dander are the most common cause of their misery. Allergies can trigger asthma or cause sinus or ear infections. They have also been linked to obstructive sleep apnea.

We offer a full array of diagnostic tests to precisely pinpoint the cause of patients? symptoms. Other tests that may be used include in-office lung function testing and fiberoptic evaluation of the nose and larynx.

The first step in treating allergies is to decrease exposure to allergens, which Dr. Mohiuddin will discuss with you. Prescription medications may be used to control symptoms, while immunotherapy (allergy shots) brings long-lasting relief.


Allergy shots have been used for a century to provide long-term relief of allergic rhinitis and asthma. There are now over 100 controlled studies that prove immunotherapy is effective in both asthma and allergic rhinitis. Almost all of the studies show an 80% response rate to immunotherapy, and two studies in children have shown a decrease in the risk of developing asthma from 25% to 5% in patients with allergic rhinitis.

Constant improvements in the quality of extracts have made immunotherapy more effective, and it has also been shown to be cost-effective, decreasing the frequency and severity of symptoms, medication usage and risk of exacerbations.