New Patients

What to expect in your visit:

Your visit will start with a comprehensive allergy history taken by the physician as well as a focused physical examination. If you have had prior labs or studies done, bring them with you or have them forwarded to our office where we will review the results during your initial visit. After the history and exam, we will explain the diagnosis being considered as well as causes and natural history of the disease, further diagnostics, and therapeutic options. We may order further diagnostics such as skin testing, lung function testing, labs, or radiographic studies and will explain what information these studies may provide. You will then have a second summary visit where we will assess how you have responded to any intervention and review the results of all studies done. We will then make changes to the treatment program if necessary and set up follow up. Our goal is to educate our patients so that they can be active participants in the decision making of their health. We will communicate our assessment and plans with your referring physician or any other physician you would prefer.

The forms that new patients have to fill out