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Advanced comprehensive care for adults and children with Allergies , Asthma and Sinus problems

  • Allergies


    We use a broad array of the latest testing techniques to determine the triggers of your symptoms. Once the root cause of your allergy is found, treatment may include allergy shots, prescription drugs and allergen avoidance to help manage your…

  • Asthma


    At Allergy Asthma and Sinus Centers, we follow the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s recommendations on skin testing and allergy shots for the treatment of asthma. Your regimen may also include medications and inhalants. With proper care you should…

  • Sinus Problems

    Sinus Problems

    Many sinus problems are actually the result of chronic allergic rhinitis. Left untreated, it can cause chronic sinusitis, sinus headaches, congestion, inflammation, sinus pressure, postnasal drip, cough,nasal polyps, sleep apnea and more. Conditions Treated: Asthma Allergic Rhinitis (hay fever) Sinus…